11 things not to put on your CV

Recently I found so many CVs that the contain itself is more likely the proposal to make a VISA. I found it very unnecessary, not straight to the point and make your truly profile biased. Most job seekers concentrate on what they should include on their resume, few pay attention to what they shouldn't include.

Here is some tips not to put on your CV:

  1. Your ID/License card, this can be a reason that someday people can misuse it. There's no guarantee that your resume will be kept in a safe, secure place, so don't include anything that could be stolen or used in identity theft.
  2. Irrelevant jobs experiences, the summer time after freshman year you spent as Umbrella girl was the best ever. But unless you're applying to be a cameo in Playboy magazine, leave it out.
  3. Irrelevant achievements, 'Lomba makan kerupuk'? If you mentioned and being nominated as the 1st winner in Seventeenth of August Festival is not an achievement. Even being nominated as prom queen is also not an achievement. Keep to your professional and community service awards only.
  4. Physical characteristics, some people mentioned their weights, heights or described that they have a smokin' hot body. NEVER put it on your CV, unless you're going to join beauty pageant or to be a model. 
  5. Strange hobbies, stick to less detailed and more generic hobbies, like "reading," "cooking," "mountain biking" and "playing tennis." And keep them to a minimum.
  6. Private matters, sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations, should not be included on your resume. Some of these things are controversial and/or irrelevant, while others may unwittingly influence the hiring manager. Leave them out. But in some countries, marital status, age, and whether you have children information are still required. 
  7. Bad grammar and obscure words, describing yourself as a "Verry detail oriented multi-taster" is likely to get no other response than, "Yeah, right" before it's passed around the HR department for laughs--and then tossed.
  8. Silly contact information, please change your crazysexy791829183@yourmail.com to new and professional one. For example : (firstname).(lastname)@(yourmail).com -> john.smith@hmail.com
  9. Attention-getting tactics, adding non-traditional elements to your resume willmake it stand out--but not in a good way. Different font types and ink colors, glitter and other adornments, and brightly colored or perfumed paper--yes, every hiring manager has seen at least a few of these memorable tactics--are all no-nos.
  10. Boring Words and Resume Cliches, words such as "team player", "detail-oriented" and other similar resume cliches are no longer effective in selling yourself to a prospective employer. Use powerful verbs to say the same thing. Find appropriate words in a thesaurus if necessary. For "team player", write: "cooperates and collaborates easily with other staff" or "scrupulously vigilant about details" instead of "detail oriented". A resume that's different than the usual run-of-the-mill submissions will grab the attention of HR people or whoever does the hiring.
  11. Negative Comments, don't bad-mouth your previous boss. Don't complain about your financial troubles. If you were dishonorably discharged from the military, or did a prison stretch, don't mention it. You can be truthful about any of these issues only if asked.

So I hope the tips helps you out to make a concise, relevant and successful resume. Good luck for your interview and give them your best impressions!





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Ardhini Putri

Graduate engineer who dives a lot in marketing, sales, people and community. Currently, she works for Recruitment Consultant in GLC Consulting, helping her FMCG & electronic consumers clients to find the right candidates for managerial up-level. Love to write, cycling and love in culinary.

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