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​Since 2005 I have been working with a number of recruitment systems, and all systems have a common method in screen resumes that apply for a certain position. Here at GLC Consulting is no exception, we have also implemented a recruitment system to aid us process resumes.

One method of candidate search is by means of job advertisements, here a recruitment agency will receive hundreds of resumes of candidates that are interested in applying for a vacant position. These hundreds of resumes cannot be read one at a time by a dedicated consultants. What a recruitment agency does is process all the resumes into a recruitment system, where the consultant will use the search function within the system. Through this system the consultant then short list a few candidates to finally interview

This means the first item your resume must satisfy is a recruitment system, yes, man against machine. How can this be done? Very much like Google a typical recruitment system will search for keywords within the many resume submitted.

Therefore your resume must contain search items that are relevant to the requirements of the vacant position. If a recruiter is looking for a programmer then we will be searching for specific keyword such as php, C#, Java, .NET etc. likewise if we were to look for a Quality Manager than word such as Quality Management Systems, ISO Management, Six Sigma or Balance Score Card will be used.

The more related keywords discovered in your resume, the more will it be pushed higher within the filtered list; hence organizing a resume per-assignment or project will be beneficial. So if you are an Account Manager for 5 years, a recruitment system will be more satisfied if you state all the actual accounts you managed within that 5 year period.

In GLC Consulting non successful resumes will be organized and kept within our database, again they will be searched through when required by a available vacancy.

About the author

Wisu Suntoyo

An IT professional who is a co-founder of GLC Consulting, contributing in development and implementation of recruitment technology which makes GLC a prominent player in the headhunter industry within Indonesia.

The author can be found professionally in LinkedIn, , Twitter, and his personal Blog.

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